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3 Tweaks you can do on your website today to make your customers call you right away

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3 Tweaks you can do on your website today to make your customers call you right away

People visit your website, they see your photos, they day-dream with days on the beach and then what happens? Nothing! They don’t call you at all. And most of the time, it’s your website fault…


Grab your visitor’s attention with call to actions (CTAs)

The first and most important way is: Just tell them what to do. Simple as that.

Having a strong but relevant call to actions on your website will help you grab the attention of your website visitors. This will help increase user interaction while achieving business goals such as: email subscriptions, sales, sign-ups, and so much more. If you need your visitors to take action immediately, and to convert, then using CTAs will allow you to achieve that. However, you can’t just slap a CTA on a button and call it a day, you need to think strategically and creatively to ensure your CTAs is achieving its objective.

Example of a great call to action button.

Here are some tips on creating CTAs to increase user interaction:

  • Use language that describes why your visitor should click the button. For example, if you want people to view more shoes, instead of putting “click here” on the button, use “Show me yachts I’ll love.”
  • If you’re writing a headline above the CTA button, optimize them together and make sure they work together.
  • Keep in mind the size of your CTAs, because here size does matter. With mobile usage increasing, it can be quite difficult to click on a CTA that is too small for your thumb.
Acquire new customers with chat

Use live chat for your website so you can engage with your website visitors, turn them into customers, and, ultimately, gain new loyal fans. Your website visitors’ experience increases exponentially when they can quickly get their questions answered via chat instead of having to call in and wait on hold to speak to a customer service rep.

Using chat is cost effective, helps increase sales, and provides you with an abundance amount of user data. The data that chart provides goes beyond just knowing how many chats you receive a day or which representative chatted with which customer. It goes deeper into providing you data about demographics of your website visitor’s, geographic location, and behavior. All data points that will help you improve your website visitors’ user experience so you can make better business decisions to improve sales and grow your business.

Simplify conversion forms, add specifics, drop in “click triggers”

Conversion forms, when done right, are a mixture of both art and science. When designed well, they make it smooth as butter for those wanting to fill out the form — and inspire those who are on the fence.

This topic (conversion rate optimization) is loaded with best practices, strategies, and tactics. For this blog, here are the 4 most practical ways to quickly improve your website’s forms:

  1. Limit the number of required fields
  2. The fewer options you present, the lower the friction
  3. Add “click triggers”
  4. These are extra boosts around a button to convince more people to click it (e.g. testimonial, star ratings, privacy messaging, guarantees, etc.)
  5. Avoid certain words on buttons (such as “Submit or Send”) They are too generic.
  6. Explain clearly what happens NEXT
  7. Email confirmation? A sales rep will call them 1-2 business days? They’ll receive a message in a bottle? What happens now?

This website’s form creates ambiguity & doesn’t inspire

Bonus: Set up Goals in Google Analytics

“If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it.” Peter Drucker

Mr. Drucker loved measurement. If he were still alive, he’d revel in using Google Analytics goals data to improve his website.

Are you tracking website conversions in Google Analytics? If not, it starts with setting up “Goals”. Here’s Google’s guide to configuring goals.

“How many conversions did we receive via organic traffic?” This client’s Analytics can answer that question because they have Goals set up (the answer is 498 by the way)

Taking a data-driven approach to understanding how your website is converting is a scientific way to improving a website. But, it begins with goals!



Does any of these suggestions overwhelmed you? Don’t be! We are here to help you get more clients. We do the “difficult stuff” while you concentrate on the things you actually enjoy doing.

You can contact us now and we’ll be happy to help you.

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Credits: Loginradius &  Protofuse

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